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Umbrella Insurance

from Ptarmigan Insurance Agency

Umbrella Insurance

If you want to ensure that you're protected against paying out of pocket for other insurance claims that have exhausted policies, consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. 

What is umbrella insurance, and what does it cover? 

Umbrella insurance is a term used for a policy covering costs that your other insurance policies do not. 

For example, if you file a claim with your auto insurance policy when you wreck your vehicle, but they don't cover all the costs involved, you can use an umbrella insurance policy to help you. 

You can use an umbrella insurance policy to pay for:

  • injury
  • collision damage
  • damage to property
  • lawsuits against you

How to find an umbrella insurance agency

If you're looking for the right umbrella insurance agency, here's how to find one:  

  • Look at their online reviews: Do other clients like their services? Do customers provide generally good feedback about the agency? Good reviews are helpful and can indicate whether or not you'll be satisfied with an agency's services. 
  • Make sure they offer what you're looking for: If you're looking for multiple policies, make sure you find an agency that offers diverse options. 
  • Determine if they bundle policies: Umbrella insurance policies are typically purchased when you want to supplement other insurance policies. Look for an agency that offers "bundle and save" options so that you can earn discounts for a variety of policies. 

Ptarmigan Insurance Agency provides umbrella insurance policy to Whitefish, Montana residents

If you're looking for a Whitefish, Montana umbrella insurance provider, look no further.

Ptarmigan Insurance Agency can help you create a custom umbrella insurance policy that fits your unique needs. 

We can't wait to hear from you! Give us a call at 406-857-7777 to learn more about our coverage options!