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RV Insurance

from Ptarmigan Insurance Agency

RV Insurance

Do you own an RV? If so, it's time to start shopping for RV insurance. RV insurance is beneficial in many ways, but perhaps the most important is that it keeps you from paying out of pocket for damages that might occur to your RV.

To learn more about RV insurance policies, why you need an RV policy, and how Ptarmigan Insurance Agency can help, keep reading.

What does RV insurance cover? 

  • Collision coverage: It helps pay the expenses that occur when your RV is damaged from a collision.
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist: Although it is illegal, you'll come across drivers who don't have insurance. This can put you in a bad position if they are to cause damage to your RV. With underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, your policy will help pay for damages when the other party can't.
  • Bodily injury: This helps pay for medical costs associated with injuries due to an RV accident. Whether the person injured is in your RV or the other vehicle, this coverage can keep you from paying out of pocket.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It can help pay for costs associated with damage to your RV from things like natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.
  • Property damage: Property damage coverage can help you pay for someone else's property that is damaged by your RV.

Do you need an RV insurance policy?

Most states require you to have property damage liability and bodily injury liability so that you can pay for damages sustained by other parties.

Not to mention, having an RV insurance policy can give you peace of mind that you won't have to pay entirely out of pocket if an accident were to occur. 

Ptarmigan Insurance Agency offers custom RV insurance policies

Are you looking for an RV insurance agency that offers custom policies? Ptarmigan Insurance Agency is here for you! We can help create a policy that fits your needs and your budget. Give us a call today at 406-857-7777 to learn more about our policies and coverage options.